Expressions of Interest - King’s Baptist Church Internship opportunities 2020

The King’s Baptist Church Pastoral Team is excited to be able to offer the opportunity for interested people to partner with the church community in ministry through our Internship Program.

Over the last 5 years, the Intern Program has offered people a semi-formal opportunity to explore their gifts, talents and passions as well as grow in character and skills, whilst obtaining practical hands on experiences in ministry of various kinds along with the practice of critical reflection through formal study.  A particular ministry area or combination of ministry areas can be the focus of an internship, based on the successful applicant(s) passions and skills, along with the needs that exists in various church ministry areas.

View full details about the Internship Program here

Expression of Interest (following application process outlined in the Intern Program document)  to be sent to Rev Mike Bartlett by Thursday 31 October, 5pm.