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About the King's Community

The King’s Community is made up of King’s Baptist Church and King’s Baptist Grammar School. We are blessed to share life together on the hill here at Wynn Vale! More important than our geography though, is the story we share of a vision for a school founded in faith more than 3 decades ago!

What began as Tea Tree Gully Christian School in the basement of Tea Tree Gully Baptist Church in the mid 1980’s, has moved through all sorts of seasons to now share life together as The King’s Community: A school and a church on mission together, expressing the good news of the gospel of Jesus  in all sorts of ways!

The church and school share people and places, and ministry together - here are just some examples of our 'shared life' together.


All you have to do is rock up here on almost any day of the week to realise how much we share spaces and places for the greater good! School drop off and pick up times are always busy at the church. Chapel services are held a couple of times a week in the church building, which gives parents and grandparents the opportunity to enjoy the great coffee and hospitality of the Lookout Café (It’s a great place to pick up your kids after school, and grab some hot chips while you’re at it!).

Midweek you could well find the junior choir singing to the senior’s craft group, or maybe you’ll find some of the student leaders serving our Monday night community meal to those who attend Come to the Table. On the weekend, school classrooms are often used for Sunday school and other activities…the bottom line – King’s is a wonderfully well used church facility – as it should be!


While there is a formal Memorandum of Understanding that exists between the church and school (which if you are interested in, you can read here), it’s the people of a community who are on mission together that give such document meaning!

And so while the school community is blessed by a really broad diversity of families from a ton of great local churches, the school shares a special partnership with King’s Baptist as its founding church. And so for example, this is why the  school’s chaplains and youth workers (Kathryn Churchett, Jason Lippitt, and Abe Johnson) are actually “sent” from the church to the school as pastoral carers and spiritual directors for both staff, students and their families.  Our Principal, Russell Eley, (and many other staff) also worship as part of the King’s Baptist Church Community, while many also worship elsewhere.  


There are of course many ministries of the church that have natural crossovers between the school and the church: Our church playgroups (Mon and Wed) are well attended and often full, where parents with young siblings of school students getting up to all sorts of fun with our kid’s pastor Narelle.

As a Christian community, Easter and Christmas are of course significant times for us as both a church and school and we love our joint celebrations at these times explored through “The Way of the Cross” at Easter (usually an adaptation of the stations of the cross) and our big combined community celebration “Christmas on the Hill” always kicks off the Advent season with a literal BANG on the oval behind the church building!

Over the last 3 years, the church and school have partnered with “Transform Cambodia” in the establishment and ongoing running of the King’s Friendship Centre – an education centre for impoverished children in the city of Phnom Penh.  This partnership has allowed many youth and teachers to visit this work and get a real heart for serving those caught in poverty.