What a great Celebration Sunday! 
We had a fantastic service on Sunday celebrating all that has happened in the past 12 months and looking to the future that God is calling us to. It is truly exciting times in the life of the King's Community! 
If you missed the highlight video we played- check it out below - it is great to take a minute and reflect on all that has been going on. 

King's Community Update, October 2019

Whether life brings you to the King’s Community “campus” on a daily or weekly basis, I hope you’ve had a chance at some stage to stick your head into what was formerly “the church” to see its dramatic conversion to what will very soon be open to the wider community as King’s Early Learners.

Over the last few weeks, you will have also seen the 2nd story being raised on the church building. When all is said and done, this space will house the church offices and administration. This all means of course that the BIG building works (of a shared worship, performing arts centre, new café, and multi-purpose spaces) are about to begin! So there is still much growth and change to come over the next 18 months – wonderful change that we all get to be a part of!

During this season of building, it’s important to stop and sometimes take stock of WHY WE HAVE CHOSEN TO SHAPE OUR SHARED LIFE IN THE WAY THAT WE HAVE, in terms of the construction of our facilities. And fundamentally - the reason for an E.L.C, a new café, and even the construction of a new gathering space, is that we are saying to any and all – that this church and its people, shaped and moved by God’s love – are here for you – as in ALL OF YOU who call this neighbourhood home.

And so around this time each year, we hold a special expression of thanksgiving to God, celebrating the ongoing work of his love, goodness and creativity amongst us. We do this with a special anniversary service each year (marking the date the community moved from “The Gully,” up to the King’s Campus) as well as by holding a vision campaign, starting with a faith offering. This year we are holding this service on Sunday November 3. In preparation for this service, we strongly encourage ALL those who consider King’s Baptist Church “home” to pray about, and discuss as families what sort of financial contribution God might be calling them to make, helping to sustain this good ongoing work amongst us.

Find out more here - The King's Community - Looking to 2020 & Beyond 

King's Community Update June, 2018

We are delighted to be able to share with you the details of the new King’s Community and the proposed development of the new King’s Early Learners.*

A new entity ‘The King’s Community’ will be created and is a combined effort of King’s Baptist Church and King’s Baptist Grammar School to continue to express the love of Jesus together by serving the community in ways that are mutually beneficial for the church, School and wider community. The King’s Community will develop new spaces including an Early Learners, auditorium for worship and performing arts, café and community rooms.

The proposed development of the King’s Early Learners is a logical and sustainable extension of our current King’s activities and allows us to meet our spiritual, academic, physical, cultural, vocational, social and community goals for the next generation of students.

The vision of the King’s Early Learners emulates the Schools vision to provide excellence in education and create a Christian community where our early learners experience the love of God.

We anticipate King’s Early Learners will officially open in July Term 3 2019 and will cater for children aged 3 – school years with allowance for 60 children at capacity (20 three year olds and 40 four-five year olds). 

King’s Early Learners will be based on the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. The Reggio Emilia approach is a pedagogy described as student-centred and constructivist that utilizes self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. The program is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery through a self-guided curriculum.

We are now taking registrations of interest via our School Enrolments Office and we anticipate appointing a Director for King’s Early Learners in early 2019.  To register your interest please contact Sue Pryzibilla on 8289 0222 ext 241.

Check out the ELC Q&A Document here.

*The proposed King’s Early Learners will open subject to the appropriate provider and service approvals being granted from ACECQA, the EECSRSB and the City of Tea Tree Gully Approvals.

The King's Community - Proposal Approved 

Sunday 15 April, 2018 was the concluding day of a four week discernment  process regarding the proposal brought to the congregation in consideration of master plan 2.0.

It gives us great joy to announce that the motion was passed by the congregation with an overwhelming majority.

It’s a significant decision in the life of our church and we look forward to all that God has for the King’s Community.

While it probably goes without saying, this decision is really just the very beginning of a new part of our story together, and as we move forward, we’ll continue to communicate at every step along the way.

Vote on Proposal - Sunday 15 April

We would like to encourage all King's Baptist Church members to attend and participate in the vote on the proposal:   “To create a new entity (The King’s Community Inc.) that would be jointly owned by King’s Baptist Church and King’s Baptist Grammar School, as the vehicle by which Master plan 2.0 can be completed”

See you then! 

A Snapshot of The King's Community 

Over the past few weeks we have been busy asking some different people from The King’s Community what it is that they love about the community and what their hopes are for our future. Enjoy these short videos. 

What a fantastic Vision Sunday it was for us as a church

It was great to have SO MANY of us together at one time to hear the direction we believe that the Lord is leading us in.
If you missed it, or want to re-listen (there was a lot to take in) you can do so via the video below or listen to the podcast via our podcast player.

Vision of Faith - The Next Chapter Document (please note it is an amended version).
This document outlines  a bunch of general information, but also gives you all the dates for our Q and A forums and the prayer meetings  in the lead up to the vote on the motion presented in the document.

The lead up to Vision Sunday 

In November 2017,  the church congregation voted for us as a community to seek professional services for the purposes of developing a new “Master Plan” for the whole of the King’s Community, as we consider the real possibilities for the future of our shared life, on mission together.

This process of course came after a lot (AND I MEAN A LOT) of asking and thinking and praying and listening as a whole community. (Do you remember all those forums/surveys in 2016/2017?! If you’re still wondering what I’m talking about, check out the "Common Threads” document we released on the back of this community consultation process to remind yourself).