While Lent has traditionally been a season in the year where Christian people give something up, as a ministry team we thought it might also be a great idea to DO  something together, throughout Lent that demonstrates our values as a LIFE GIVING FAMILY.
So this year, I’m encouraging everyone to take what’s known as the 40 Acts Generosity Challenge, in addition to whatever you might give up for the season.

40 days, 40 reflections 40 challenges to make a difference


Every day throughout Lent (not including Sundays), wake up to a new generosity challenge and short Bible-based blog straight to your inbox. Each act is designed to sharpen your awareness and give you practical ways to stretch your faith as well as your generosity, with three challenge levels.

Generosity is about the state of your heart, not the size of your wallet or the empty slots in your diary. The traffic light system recognises that life and circumstances are different for everyone and that our abilities, finances and schedules are flexible.

Once you sign up for 40acts as an individual, you’ll receive the acts each day throughout Lent either via email or on Facebook. Scroll down a little, and you’ll find three different ways to complete the Act for that day.

GREEN: these acts take five minutes or less, and will usually be free (or really cheap!) to complete.

YELLOW: a little more challenging than the green acts, but these won’t take more than fifteen minutes, or a couple of £.

RED:  for those who love to push themselves to extravagance or those who have done 40acts before – take your generosity habit to the next level.

We look forward to hearing the stories of what the Spirit does through the power of generosity!

KBC Pastoral Team