King's Baptist Church is excited to be facilitating a Christian Studies Certificate run by Tabor.

The Subject on offer this year is - Talking the Walk - Developing your capacity for theological reflection in life and work.

This subject will be taught and facilitated by Bruce Hulme Online 

6 Zoom session in June and August, 7.30-8.15pm , plus additional video clips 

Subject description 
An approach to what is commonly called theological reflection — is all about how we make meaning of experience in relation to faith, and are formed to then ‘walk the talk’.
This subject uses the Road via Emmaus story from Luke 24 and the image of the labyrinth to offer three basic movements for talking the walk: conversation, discernment, and embodiment. It aims to develop you and those you engage with in faithful reflective practice, shaped for God’s flourishing of self, others and world. The emphasis is upon doing theological reflection, and not just talking about it! 

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To find out more about the course and subjects, please download the brochure here:

General brochure