Welcome Parents! This page is for you

We want to do all that we can to keep you up to date and informed about the youth program at King's Baptist Church. 

It’s a privilege for us to partner with you as families in the discipleship & care of your youth. As a Youth Ministry this year, our vision & goal is to build a generation of disciples unified & passionately living lives that follow Jesus every day. We seek to have all youth in our community put Jesus first in their lives & to be His light in this world. We believe Jesus has some amazing things in store for us all. 

About KBC YTH Program 

Friday nights 

Our Friday night program is an important part of the way we disciple youth towards following Jesus. Our Friday nights are a mix of events to allow youth to invite friends & small group nights which are a key connection point for discipleship, a chance for youth & their friends to connect with a youth leader & Jesus. 

Friday night youth runs 7-9pm weekly during school term  (unless other times specified on program) 

Please ensure that your youth sign in at the very beginning of every night. If your child is new to KBC YTH we ask that you fill out an info form upon arrival of your child's first night with us. 

Unfortunately we are unable to offer lifts home to youth, with having limited full licensed drivers, so we do encourage parents to pick their youth up or ensure that their youth has a lift home organised prior to coming to KBC YTH.  If circumstances beyond your control arise & you’re unable to pick up your youth or organize a lift home for them, please contact Jason Lippittt.

View the KBC YTH page to see what Friday night youth events are coming up.

Sunday Morning 

Our services are casual and contemporary including singing, prayer, sharing of news and notices, offering and a sermon. We value having people of of all ages - all are equally valued.

Services generally go for 60-90min, followed by a cup of tea or coffee for those who want to stay and chat.

There is a program for year 6 + 7's on Sunday morning. For older youth we value having youth in the service with us, and value families being together. Many of our youth serve on Sunday mornings in the areas of kids ministry, worship team and hospitality. 

If you would like to find out more about how your youth can connect with Sunday mornings, please speak to Jason. 

KBC YTH is a ministry of Kings Baptist Church