Our NEXT Life Group Sunday will be on Sunday 4 November

About Life Groups 

At this stage in the church’s life, there is a real desire among many who are part of the church community to be actively intentional in creating a way for people to have the opportunity, to not only be part of a church community by attending weekly worship gatherings, but to GENUINELY experience a context where there is a greater capacity for: 

Connection and relationship Discipleship through friendship
Personal encouragement in prayer 
Pastoral care practiced throughout the congregation by everyone

BUT  Recognizing that a lot of people feel pretty stretched for time already in their lives, we thought  that instead of starting  another program and trying to find yet more time for that would work for already busy people  –  we asked ourselves the question…   …why don’t we try “doing church” a little differently a couple of times this year!?  

AND SO this is what we're doing.  

In having a crack at this – the pastoral team has organised the WHOLE CHURCH  into groups according to existing social networks as well as life stage, with the provision being given to incorporate newer people who really want to get to know  other people, with whom they are likely to share interest and experiences.   
We’ve also invited  a lot of volunteers into this experience (52 to be precise ) – OUR amazing Life Group Hosts and Leaders -  who have put their hands up to lead or host these Life Group gatherings!   These leaders have attended a couple of trainings that we have had, and have been resourced with practical materials and ideas for creating a great  “LIFE GROUP EXPERIENCE”  when we meet in these groups on September 9th.  

"Cool" I hear you say... but what does this mean for me? What will happen?  
Well, by now,  your Life Group Leader will (hopefully) have made contact to let you know who your leader is and what group you are in.    

Folks – we know this is really different to our regular practice, but we are really excited as a leadership team about all that Life Groups could mean for our  community, as we actually seek to practice being a Life Giving Family!  So can I ask and encourage you – even if you have reservations – give it a crack and see what happens – we think these groups are going to be great!