Playgroup sessions 
Monday and Wednesday 
9.30am - 11.15am (during school term, excluding public holidays) 

King's playgroup runs from King's Baptist Church in the 'Cubby' area next to the cafe, spilling outdoors and into the back of the hall. 

What is Playgroup? 

Playgroup is a time where parents, carers, babies and young children can come together in a relaxed environment and socialise. Both adults and children can benefit from regular playgroup sessions, it is a time to talk, make friends and share experiences. 

The play space, activities and toys are set out to allow children to choose, experience and learn at their own pace with you present to lend a helping hand. 

What activities are there? 

Playgroup offers indoor and outdoor activities including painting, play dough, collage, cooking, sand play, visitors and excursions, puzzles, construction equipment, music and much more. 

Each family brings a piece of fruit which is shared and eaten as a group at morning tea time. The session ends with songs, group games and a story each week. 

Time Table

9.30 Free play 
9.45 Welcome song 
9.55 Main activity 
10.30 Morning tea 
10.50 Pack up 
11.00 Songs and story 
11.15 Goodbye 

How much does it cost? 

Playgroup fees are $30 per term or $3.50 a session. 
Please note that this fee is per family represented not child. Please be our guest on your first visit. 

Contact Us 

To find out more, contact Narelle Playgroup coordinator or visit the facebook page.

Playgroup sessions this week

Mon 19 Nov at 9:30am
Wed 21 Nov at 9:30am

Ask about playgroup

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