Associate Pastor – Youth & Young Adults

King’s Baptist Church is seeking to appoint an Associate Pastor in a fulltime capacity to lead in the area of Youth and Young Adults...

King’s Baptist Church has intentionally partnered with King’s Baptist Grammar School to show and tell the good news of Jesus in a unique community, seven days a week. The coordination of Youth and Young Adults ministries is a vital role for the whole King’s community and beyond.

The Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults will play a key leadership role in the ministry team and will be responsible for two significant leadership areas:

Overseeing the discipleship of youth and young adults, and Overseeing the Sunday gatherings of King's Baptist Church.

Key duties and responsibilities

Oversee Youth and Young Adults ministry for King’s Baptist Church. To lead the staff and volunteers in the Youth and Young Adults department of KBC for the purposes of making disciples. To maintain a culture of care and safety for the young people God has entrusted us to lead. To develop and maintain a strong, personal working partnership with King’s Baptist Grammar School to connect students to the life of KBC. Oversee the running of Sunday services, shaping the look and feel of the way King’s Baptist Church gathers. Create effective systems to help Sunday services run smoothly, to clearly express the gospel in word and deed. Oversee the running of volunteers and ministry teams for Sunday services.

Key character, skill and competency requirements

A deep understanding of the gospel as motivation for daily life with an ability to speak this into the lives of others. Willingness to commit to the vision and mission of the church as a member of King's Baptist Church, including the ministry of King's Baptist Grammar School. Ability to lead with wisdom, compassion and integrity. An articulate communicator to lead teams of volunteers, guests, staff, and key stakeholders. An ability to initiate and maintain activities that support the mission and vision of King's Baptist Church. Professional administrative skills. A demonstrated history of servant leadership. Some ministry experience and an ability to contribute as a preacher as required.

The Associate Pastor role is a full-time position for an initial 3-year tenure and includes flexible working arrangements and any additional hours as required.

If you have any questions, would like express interest in this role, view the full Job Description, or apply for the role, you can do so by contacting Nathan Oliver at

Applications will remain open as we go through the discernment process for this role.

Associate Pastor, School Families
Equipping parents to know, understand and enjoy the good news of Jesus as they go throughout each stage of their journey at Kings.

Associate Pastor, School Staff
Providing care and discipleship of staff , empowering them to develop in the way they provide and create opportunities for students to grow as disciples of Jesus.

These positions are provided in partnership with King's Baptist Grammar School with the purpose of serving in the school community as a key leader of the Pastoral Team.

About King’s Baptist Church

The foundation principle of King’s Baptist Church is the members’ personal faith in, and loyalty to the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God as Saviour and Lord as sole Head of the Church.

King’s Baptist Church seeks to serve in harmony with the purpose of Christ’s church as declared in the New Testament where all people can find a community to belong to, make a creative contribution as they are gifted, and display the life of Christ in word and action.

King’s Baptist Church, as a community of faith and believers, exists to glorify God and seeks to be Life. Giving. Family in all that we do.

About King’s Baptist Grammar School

King’s Baptist Grammar School is the only Baptist School in South Australia, providing a complete ELC – 12 experience as a part of a Jesus-centred community. For the past forty years, KBGS has championed resilience, opportunity, and an enduring sense of hope and has two campuses at Mt. Barker and Wynn Vale.

Our ‘vision of faith’ provides excellence in teaching and learning, in a faith-based community, where every student is provided with a breadth of opportunities, empowering individuals in partnership with their families.

About the Partnership

Together, King’s Baptist Church and King’s Baptist Grammar School are committed to a strategic partnership in order to become:

A Jesus-centred community that inspires hope by creating opportunity for people and families to do life better, together.

Key Responsibilities

Key areas of responsibility include but are not limited to:

Working strategically in a school context
* Spiritual leadership and pastoral care of individuals at King’s
* Church Life Participation
* Serving through Prayer

Staff are expected to work effectively in a team environment and manage their working relationships to ensure all KRAs are achieved. All ministries overseen will be in accordance with the vision, values and strategic priorities of King’s Baptist Church.

For a more detailed Job Description for each role please contact the Lead Pastor, Nathan Oliver, King's Baptist Church.

Applications will remain open as we go through the discernment process for the key leadership roles.