What a fantastic Vision Sunday it was for us as a church

It was great to have SO MANY of us together at one time to hear the direction we believe that the Lord is leading us in.
If you missed it, or want to re-listen (there was a lot to take in) you can do so via the video below or listen to the podcast via our podcast player.

Vision of Faith - The Next Chapter Document (please note it is an amended version).
This document outlines  a bunch of general information, but also gives you all the dates for our Q and A forums and the prayer meetings  in the lead up to the vote on the motion presented in the document.

The lead up to Vision Sunday 

In November 2017,  the church congregation voted for us as a community to seek professional services for the purposes of developing a new “Master Plan” for the whole of the King’s Community, as we consider the real possibilities for the future of our shared life, on mission together.

This process of course came after a lot (AND I MEAN A LOT) of asking and thinking and praying and listening as a whole community. (Do you remember all those forums/surveys in 2016/2017?! If you’re still wondering what I’m talking about, check out the "Common Threads” document we released on the back of this community consultation process to remind yourself).